Missing a Foot

Thanks for the compliments on the fabrics.  I have been super anxious to get going.  As you already know, I cut out all the pieces the first day.  It went remarkably faster than I would have expected, given that this pattern is comprised of hundreds of pieces.  I sat down Monday night ready to get to sewing only to discover that my foot was missing.  You know, the essential item that is used to hold the material down so you can actually sew a straight line.  Yeah, that foot.  I’m sure it popped off somewhere along the way when I was transporting my machine from the last quilting class I attended, but that was so long ago that I can’t trace it back.

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, I am now the proud owner of a new foot for the cost of only $10.  Even with rush shipping, I ordered it Monday night and received it yesterday.  That’s pretty good, but meant that I’ve been staring at my fabric for like five days now.  Last night was the husband’s birthday, but after we got back from dinner, I sure did fire the thing up for the fifteen minutes I had before it was time to head to bed. 

Today, all I can think about is getting home to work on the quilt.  Pathetic, yes?  I hate it when I get the one-track mind thing going because I can’t seem to get it to stop.  Rest assured, tonight, I have a date with my sewing machine.

The exciting news is that I ordered a walking foot at the same time (it will be in next week hopefully) so that I can learn to machine quilt, thereby completing the whole quilting process!  I may be catching the quilting bug, but knitting is still happening.  Hopefully, I’ll have a finished hat and socks set to show you by the end of the weekend.


2 thoughts on “Missing a Foot

  1. Totally get it about the quilting, Sarah! I got bitten by inspiration the other week when a friend gifted a new quilt to Betsy, so even though I have her 100 Good Wishes one still awaiting actual quilting, I have in the past week cut out and nearly assembled an entirely new quilt!

  2. great headline this totally cracked me up. not pathetic at all to be going nuts waiting to get home and work on it! it’s just a question of whether you actually do it once you get home. at least that’s the way it is for me. think about it ALL DAY and then when i get home i’m too tired or too who knows what and nothing gets done. PATHETIC!

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