The Weekend Escaped Me

Spending most of the weekend working means that you really lose your weekend.  I stayed home most of the day today to rest and knit, but could really use another day.  Oh the irony of it all, last week I complained about a four day weekend and this week I am begging for one more day.

At any rate, last week I finished something and thought I’d start the week off with a FO!


This is the Baby Bolero from One Skien, knit in a Rowan yarn, I think Rowan Soft Baby.  This is for a co-worker and will be gifted along with a matching onesie and pants set (in pink of course) from The Gap.  We also pitched in for a group gift, but I have given a handknit to all of the other work babies and didn’t want this one to be an exception.  This was an easy pattern, just more time consuming than I expected due to the seaming and picking up of stitches.  Hopefully a good block will make the ribbing lay flat. 


6 thoughts on “The Weekend Escaped Me

  1. I thought maybe that was an indication of what color you would be knitting for your own baby. I know I said I would be doing no more baby knitting this year. But I will definitely be knitting for your baby. Just need some ideas about what kind of yarn would be best for your weather.

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