Let the Nesting Begin

Last weekend, I had the project of consolidating two closets, my yarn closet in the hallway and the closet in my craft room.  This will enable us to finish cleaning out the room which will be the nursery in preparation for the baby stuff we will be receiving and buying in the near future.  Unfortunately, the closet in my craft room had become a dumping ground for everything that we didn’t have a better place for.  I started going through boxes last week.  When all was said and done, I had 8 bags of trash and numerous empty boxes.  It was ridiculous!  I should have taken a picture, but I was too embarassed.  With a little trip to the container store, I was able to make the closet functional again.

I bought stacking baskets to hold my yarn.  My stash is smaller than I thought it was, but I still think I’ll go back at some point and get two more.  You know, to have room to grow.  It’s nice to have it all compartmentalized…the baskets helped me easily divide my sock yarn, random skeins, cotton, wool and acryilic yarns. 


My favorite purchase was this gift wrap organizer that hangs from the clothing rack in the closet.  It has room for all of the random gift wrap items that I was keeping in a much larger box in the closet (bows, tags, tissue paper, gift bags/boxes), not to mention the rolls of gift wrap that were stacked in the corner.


Ah, organization makes me happy! 


4 thoughts on “Let the Nesting Begin

  1. my dream is to have my stash ONLY occupy the four huge drawers and basket in the living room and not also have taken over the entire hall closet. yes, i lost an entire closet to yarn. and i live in an apartment of very few and very small closets. it’s pathetic.

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