Look Ma, I’m quilting!

I took advantage of a holiday at work (I’ve still been working half days, but have had afternoons off) to take a quilting class this week.  There was an accelerated class at Quilter’s Emporium in the afternoons.  My classmate was a college student, so it was really fun and we ended up having very similar taste in fabrics.  Anyway, the course basically guided us through making our first quilt top.


The colors are a bit off, as they are pretty bright and hard to really capture, especially due to the cloudiness here today.  The quilt is a small quilt, suitable for wall or table display.  I’ll probably display it in my craft room somehow.  Here it is square by square.  Please keep in mind that this was my first real quilting project, so it is far from perfect.  I hope I can look back on it someday like I do my first knitting projects and see how much I’ve improved.





It was really fun and while it won’t take the place of knitting, I’m already thinking about my next project.  Of course, I still need to take a machine quilting class and put this puppy together.  I am going to do the back in the green fabric, in keeping with the brightness of the quilt.

In the rest of my world, work has kept me super busy lately and, like most people, the Christmas parties have kept me occupied, too.  So much that I realized last night that I hadn’t finished one of my very few knitted Christmas gifts.  Hopefully, I can finish it on our Christmas road trip tomorrow.  All of this to say that I’ll try to post more often in the days to come.


3 thoughts on “Look Ma, I’m quilting!

  1. I was wondering if my feed was broken, I hadn’t seen a post from you in so long 😉
    I think your quilt looks amazing, I can’t believe it’s your first try!

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