After finishing my friend’s baby quilt this summer, I took a little break from sewing, but have still been planning projects.  I’ve had the fabric for this project for a couple of months and just got time to finish it this weekend.  It’s a housewarming gift for a friend at work and it includes the following items.  An oven mitt from a pattern from the Denyse Schmidt quilt book.


A dishcloth apron from the Super Eggplant pattern.


And, two dishcloths from the Mason Dixon book.


Overall, this project was really fun!  I did have some fights with my sewing machine at the end of the oven mitt and throughout the apron, but I like how everything turned out and I feel like I learned more sewing techniques throughout.  If I make one of the oven mitts for myself, I will increase the size.  I have big hands and this one is a bit small, but I think it will be fine for the recipient.  I will gift this next week and have followed the method of including handmade and non-handmade items (a potholder, the dish soap, and the basket), so hopefully it will all be well received.


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