Birthday in Review

It is safe to say that it’s been a crazy month.  Since arriving back from the cruise, I spent a week cutting my thesis down from 100 to 25 pages for a conference submission, spent a week in Dallas for work and spent much of this week planning transportation and driving to and from my grandmother’s funeral (she had been sick for some time so it was a relief for her to be released from her illness).

Anyway, all that to say that a month has passed since my birthday and I still haven’t shown you the fabulous things that I got from my blogging friends!  The first package came from Marsha, Stacey‘s mom.  I was amazed that she not only remembered my birthday but also remembered that I mentioned my love of the Vera Bradley teal and brown pattern.


In addition to the bag and pouch, which I have used constantly for knitting projects and notions since they arrived, she also sent a cute "knitting is knotty" button and some knitter’s mints.

Betsy lived up to her reputation as one of the most generous knitbloggers in all of knitblogging with her sweet birthday package.  Not only did it include FOUR skeins of sock yarn, but also a cute sheepy mug and some knitting notecards. 


I have been wishing for time to use the yarn since it arrived and I think I may just bust into it this weekend.  Thanks so much to both of you for making my birthday week super duper extra special!


2 thoughts on “Birthday in Review

  1. Sarah, I’m sorry for your loss but glad that your grandmother is no longer suffering. It’s a mixed blessing when someone is ill for a long time and finally lets go.
    Hope your paper makes it into the conference! And welcome back to blogging–miss your posts. =)

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