Take the Cake


Happy birthday to me!  I actually made this for my friend’s birthday a little while back but I forgot to post about it.  🙂  We enjoyed a fabulous weekend in Fredericksburg with friends and in celebration of my birthday.  Here’s our weekend in pictures…


There are a bunch of bats in that old railroad tunnel behind the boys.  We went there Friday night. I recorded a video, but need to edit it, so I’ll try to post it later.


Chavaun and I did a little grape stomping at Becker Vineyards on Saturday.  It was fun, and squishy.


Then, we went to Luckenbach, TX, famous for Waylon, Willie and the boys.  It is literally three buildings, this being one of them, with live music going on outside.  It was very cool.  After that we spent the afternoon shopping in Fredericksburg and cooked out at the house we rented for dinner.  This morning, we made a friend.


Meet Mr. Lizard.  He spent the night in some clothes on the floor and I found him this morning.  He was fast.


Then, this morning, we ended our trip with a hike out at Enchanted Rock.  The boys went all the way to the top, but we were wearing flip flops so we went halfway and waited at the bottom.  The hill country is so pretty.

That’s the quick version of our weekend trip.  It was great fun with good friends and it doesn’t get much better than that!


8 thoughts on “Take the Cake

  1. Happy (belated) birthday! It looks like you had a lot of fun – good times for all!
    We’ve been getting a lot of those little lizards (geckos) in our house this summer. The cats find them interesting. 😉 We’ve been meaning to check out and camp at Enchanted Rock, but haven’t gotten around to it… yet.

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