I’m staying home today because we are having bedroom furniture delivered by IKEA!  I realize that IKEA is not thought of as a furniture store that delivers, but they do when you order a whole room full of it.  The thing is, if it gets here in time, I’m going to try to start putting it together.  All I can think of is Cara’s IKEA experience (warning for you work surfers – frustrated language used) from a few months ago.  Oh, I hope I’m able to do this because Jason doesn’t handle assembling things very well, occasionally anger ensues.  And, we are certainly bad at building things together.  Wish me luck!  Updates once I survive, or need to complain.


5 thoughts on “IKEA

  1. My husband and I have lots of IKEA assembly stories. I think it might make a good marriage weekend retreat. Have any issues? This will bring them right to the surface! Go home with new furniture and all of your problems aired out!

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