A pair of socks


Yeah, yeah, yeah, they don’t match.  Picky picky.  These are the two socks now awaiting a mate due to the dreaded second sock syndrome.  I finished my first jaywalker sock yesterday.  They had stalled about halfway through, making it even better to finally finish one.  I was a good little knitter and cast on for the second jaywalker right away.

Up north, there are snow days.  Here in Houston, there are rain days.  Today was such a day, as you probably know from the national news coverage.  Luckily, we weren’t affected by the weather, except that I was able to leave work early today.  However, we are watching the weather closely because it looks like it’s going to take a turn back toward us.  My family was impacted by Tropical Storm Allison in 2001 (which did the same thing – rained, went out to the gulf, and came back again), with my mom’s apartment and all of our cars going underwater, so I hate that anyone is having a repeat of that.  However, I wouldn’t mind having another rain day.


8 thoughts on “A pair of socks

  1. Rain days, huh? Yesterday was an air quality alert day here. I have to go check today’s weather. Try to keep your head above water.

  2. I missed these before somehow – I love them! So what if they don’t match, they coordinate, right?
    When we got back from London, one of my daytime shows (*cough*soap opera*cough*) had been cancelled for flood coverage. We had no idea it was so bad here until I saw that! Our cars were flooded in Allison (Mike’s was totalled), so I’m glad we weren’t here because I would have been freaking out!

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