Something Blue

I haven’t really been participating in Project Spectrum, but I have enjoyed seeing what other people have discovered as they have emphasized certain colors.  I guess it’s just rubbing off on me because tonight I looked around in my sewing room and everything around me seemed to be blue.  It started with the blue on my sewing machine, complete with blue thread.


Then, I looked to my left and found my blue ipod mini, blue denim circles waiting to be linked together and the blue and white bowl I used to make those circles



Then, I looked further to my left and found my blue ironing board and blue and white iron.


Who knew I had a thing for blue?

Apparently the husband does, too, because his garage based bike shop has a ton of blue tools in it.  He has been pestering me to link him so I had to work him in somehow.  🙂


6 thoughts on “Something Blue

  1. Being aware of your blue surroundings! I just love it 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Sarah. Of course, there is always room in PS… only a few months left!

  2. I know what you mean. I had a day last week when I looked down and I was wearing a green shirt, knitting a green sock, & drinking coffee out of a green mug. Even the website I was viewing at the time was dominated by green. I wonder how often colors call to themselves. LOL

  3. Ok…so I’m commenting here so as not to read what I’m not supposed to, under your “I Can’t Resist” link, but REALLY! What a temptation!! 🙂 BTW…Alexa loves her blanket! We told her she had a present when we gave it to her so now that’s how she always refers to it. She’ll ask us “Where’s my present?” when she wants it! Too cute! I’ll work on emailing a photo of her and her babies with the blanket in the near future..

  4. Thank goodness you posted a new message – that I’m allowed to read! 😉 I’m with Jen – how much must you 1) love us and 2) love torturing us by posting a message we can’t read! You must know us well enough to know we secretly love the suspense…

  5. Just because everything around you is blue doesn’t mean that you have a thing for …………[trails off]. Hmmm. Who knew? I actually can’t believe how much brown is in my house. Wood floors, wood cabinets, brown couches….

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