“What If’s”

We had a situation at work yesterday (and I will leave it at that, so as not to blog about work), that caused my co-worker and I to start with "What If’s".  It was a rolling ball of muddy "What If’s" that got bigger and bigger and rolled faster and faster the longer we "What If’d".  I went home and still "What If’d".  I couldn’t knit or craft or anything because of the "What If’s" in my head.  This morning, I was greeted with "What Is" instead of "What If" and felt much better.  So, I’m wishing you a weekend without "What If’s" because the "What if’s" will getcha’.  Unless, of course, they are good "What if’s" in which case you can "What If" to your heart’s content.  Whew.


2 thoughts on ““What If’s”

  1. I often make myself mad with “I should have’s”. I try to forgive and allow myself the chance to mess up and not go too crazy about it. But at night, the stillness makes my mind go to them.

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