How shall I distract you?

So, I’ve got another secret project going, and I can’t decide how much I’m going to tell you about it, making it necessary for me to distract you from the lack of crafty blog content.

I will tell you that my secret project involves sewing and some element of quilting, and has nothing to do with knitting.  I have two quilting books on order and I’m really excited about the prospects of learning how to quilt.  I won’t leave behind knitting because sewing is not calming to me, it stresses me out a little, actually.  I’m sure that feeling will pass a bit as I continue to get more comfortable with my sewing machine. 

In order to make my craft room more enjoyable to sew in, I am making it more crafty.  I have moved my crafty books in there and my knitting needles into the cute wine holders that I have had for some time (one gifted by a secret pal!) onto the shelves.  I also have the hat rack on the wall holding my yarn that I showed you previously.  Here are some scenes from my craft room until I can show you more.

Ssl10428_1 Needle_article_top 


One thought on “How shall I distract you?

  1. Quilting stresses me out too. Plus, I have to set aside so much time just to do it. I can’t just sew A block if I have to get out the sewing machine. Owen would be far too interested in the sewing machine! Also, it’s not as forgiving to me as knitting. Good luck! Your patience will prevail!

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