Mason Dixon Gifting

Shortly after I returned from Maryland Sheep & Wool, I received the Mason-Dixon Knitting book in the mail.  Even before I received the book, log-cabinning had commenced.  This week was all about Mason-Dixon Gifting.

For Mother’s Day, I made my mother-in-law two dishcloths and grouped them with some fancy hand soap for her kitchen.  I had to gift her late because she was out of town on Mother’s Day so I couldn’t send her flowers like I sent my mom. 

Ssl10432 Mothers_day_washcloths

This weekend, my best friend Jen had a baby boy!  It’s hard to gift a baby boy born in the summer in the south with a handknit, so I made him a Mason-Dixon burp rag to go with the clothes I sent him. 


I didn’t want her little girl to be overlooked, so I made her a log cabin blanket that is big enough to be a lap blanket for her or a blanket for her babies.  It was made entirely from stash yarn I had bought originally to make something for her when she was born and am just now getting around to it two years later!  The colors were selected to match her bedroom.


I could see the log cabin technique becoming quite addictive.  It’s also motivated me to improve my sewing skills in an effort to get closer to being able to quilt!  Every time I look through the Mason Dixon book something else catches my eye, so I can see a lot of summer inspiration coming from Kay and Ann! 


6 thoughts on “Mason Dixon Gifting

  1. I couldn’t agree more – I love that book! Haven’t gotten around to actually KNITTING anything from it, though… rock on, sister. 🙂

  2. Love ’em!! I’m glad you posted your log cabin too since we talked about it so much while waiting for luggage-less Betsy 🙂
    I need to start a log cabin soon!

  3. OK ~ I FOUND MY LUGGAGE ~ well they found it but nontheless!
    You are quite the gifter, little cute items all abound!
    Is it hot where you are?

  4. Hehe–pretty funny thing…I’m just flipping around my favorite blogs as I (literally) bind off another Mason-Dixon wash rag I’m wrapping up with pretty soaps and using as teacher gifts this year! Are we all on the same wave length or what?? I actually had to interrupt working on my log cabin blanket (verrrrry addictive) to complete these teacher gifts!

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