Wake up, Wake up!

Okay, I’ve been awake, but the blog has been sleeping for a bit.  While the blog has been napping, lots of things have happened!  We finished the whole MS150, for the second time, but faster this year!  Look how fresh we look before day one and how wiped we look at the end of day two!



I have been knitting, and crocheting!  I don’t crochet.  Okay, so my first "yarn" project as an adult was crochet, but I’m not that great at it.  It all started with this beret from the "It’s a tape thing" Rowan book.


The top of the beret is knit, but the band is crocheted, so I had to brush up on my crochet abilities.  Then, I decided to play with the new crochet stitch I had learned and I made this dishcloth.


Let’s just be glad it’s a dishcloth because it’s not perfect, but it has motivated me to order the new Debbie Stoller crochet book so I can learn more.  I don’t think I’ll leave knitting for crocheting, but it would be nice to have abilities in both, since crochet is better for some things than knitting and vice versa.

Otherwise, I’ve been pretty un-inspired in the knitting department.  Unfortunately, other things have consumed my time, so I’m looking forward to this weekend for a little bit of inspiration!  I’m making my annual yarn pilgrimage to Maryland Sheep and Wool!  Yay!  I hope to return with more new friends and some yarn to inspire me!  I need a knitting wake up call, so this may be just the thing.


5 thoughts on “Wake up, Wake up!

  1. Congratulations! You look fantastic after BOTH days. Looking forward to seeing you this weekend…YAY!
    PS I think I’m going to use the yarn that you sent me for the Green Gables knit Along!

  2. I am going to MS&W and I would love to meet you while you are here!
    Let me know your schedule and maybe we can work out a time to meet.

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