I haven’t been blogging because I just haven’t had the energy for it.  That sounds silly, I know, but I have a ton of things to tell you, but too many other things cluttering my brain and consuming my energy.  I am nearing the end of my thesis, so I have been spending a great deal of time trying to get it wrapped up.  I am also going through a transition at work, which will be good eventually, but stressful until then.  Fried. 

There is a light at the end of the tunnel because the thesis will be finished within the next week.  Also, the MS150 is next weekend, so I will be finished training for that.  But, until then, things may be a little quiet over here. 


8 thoughts on “Fried

  1. Light at the end of the tunnel is a good thing – not too much further.
    And don’t forget the great reward of Maryland S&W!!!!

  2. No problem, we can wait. Just take care of yourself! It must be going around, this craziness. Or is it just that I notice it right now because it is happening to me too?

  3. I hope the heat breaks so it is cooler for the MS150! I admire you for taking on that challenge – I hope to do it someday, once my hands/shoulders are healed enough to train. Last time I tried, my arms were numb within 10 minutes on the bike! So I had to cancel my plans to ride in 2004. *sigh* Someday.
    We really need to all organize a H-Town knitting day, don’t you think? After the craziness is over, of course! (I have finals in 3 weeks! Yikes!)

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