And The Winner Is…

Anne Marie!!!

To keep it fair, I used a Random Number Generator to give me a number and I counted through the comments until I got to that number.  Fun times, and much easier than names in a hat.  Well, this weekend is a big work weekend, so I don’t have anything else exciting to share with you.  That’s not exactly true, I have some finished items, I just don’t have time to share them with you now.  Thanks to you all who participated in my first contest.  It was fun and I now have an incredible list of books from which to choose for my summer reading.  I will keep you posted on what I am reading so we can talk if it is a book you have read or recommended.  I took at least one book from each person and added it to my list, which will hopefully help me to read some things I would not ordinarily consider.  Thanks!


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