E is for Essentials


A few weeks ago, Katie talked about the items she keeps in her knitting toolkit.  I had thought about making something to hold the essential knitting tools before, but seeing hers inspired me to actually do it.  I didn’t have to purchase anything new, I already had everything I needed, I just had to put it all together.  Here’s a tour of my Knitting Essentials Kit.


From left (clockwise) – A red barrel row counter, a little net bag (that I got with candy in it at a baby shower) that holds my stitch markers and post-it tabs in case I need to mark something but don’t want to write on it, my sheepy tape measure, my blue chibi with several needles in it, stitch holders in two lengths, a pink highlighter, a pen, and little scissors.  Laying behind the things in the top is my Susan Bates knit check, used for checking the all important gauge.  The bag is a make-up bag that was given to me as a part of a gift set.  I wasn’t using it for make-up, so now I’ve put it to good use.  I use it at home when I’m knitting, too, so I don’t have to make a trip to the yarn closet every time I need something.  What’s in your toolkit?  Let me know if you think I’m missing something that could be useful because there are few things worse than coming to a project crossroads away from home and not being able to move forward.

Happy St Patrick’s Day to ya!


3 thoughts on “E is for Essentials

  1. Thanks for posting your toolbag, Sarah! I have tons of those free gift makeup bags from Clinique. I like the idea of using one of those to hold your stuff.

  2. Mine has so much stuff in it, I couldn’t even start to post it here in a comment! Mine is in a free makeup bag too (Clinique). It’s see-through, which is very nice for finding those little things that fall to the bottom.

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