Life’s Plate


There has been a lot on my plate lately, including a great trip to Utah to see my friend and her husband where Alice was photographed in the snow.  At this point, it was the morning of the final day and I was pulling out the bottom hem to extend it because I didn’t like the length of the sweater and it was rolling too much for my taste.  I finished it on the plane from Utah to Texas, to the amazement of the family sitting in the row beside me.  They had also been on the flight on the way there, when I had just started the final sleeve.  I think they thought that I started it on the way there and finished it on the way back.  I will have a final finished picture soon.  I started to take one today but the camera batteries were dead.  So, once it charges, pictures will be taken in spite of the fact that it is already too warm to wear here.  Thank you for telling me not to make Helga because I really wouldn’t be able to wear wool!  Here’s hoping for a final cold front.

In other news, the thesis continues. Tired of hearing about it?  Me too. It appears that I will be finished gathering participants, at least for the thesis part (not including publication), next week.  That means I have to finish writing the thing.  I may not have much of a life until the middle of April.

Work is crazy.  Not much more to say there, but, while I love my job, it’s a bit stressful right now.

I’m training for the MS150 again.  It will take place the weekend of April 22-23.  My goal is to gain a couple of miles an hour in the next month and a half so I will need to be training hard.  I’m not very good at pushing myself, and I yell at the husband when he tries to push me.  This could be interesting.

I’m going to try to be present on the blog because there is a lot of knitting going on, but if I fall off the face of the earth, just know that in my life these things are the main course and sometimes I may not have time for dessert (the blog), even though I really want it.  I just have to get through April!


2 thoughts on “Life’s Plate

  1. Wow she looks great! Congrats! That family on the plane is going to think that knitting a sweater is no big whoop. If they know a knitter…they are going to expect alot from them.
    Good luck with your training!

  2. I was considering knitting that sweater when I had a hankering for some fair-isle action…I picked another one instead (which is DONE and will be posted soon! )
    yours looks awesome! love the colors!

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