Red Scarf Project


I am a week late on posting about it, but I sent off my scarf for the Red Scarf Project last weekend.  My scarf was not exactly red, but it had red in it.  I have a confession about the yarn.  It was originally sent to me by Bonne Marie to make a pair of No Sweat Pants (check out Alison’s at this link, knitalong hostess extraordinaire).  Well, I soon discovered that my legs are entirely too long to be knitting pants, so the yarn has been hanging out in my yarn purgatory bin.  You know the one, the bin that has all the projects that haven’t been worked on in a while and you’re not sure if you’re going to frog ’em or keep ’em.  When this project came along, I decided that it was better to use the yarn for a good cause then to allow it to just sit in the bin.  Hopefully Bonne Marie will forgive me!  :-)It’s just a garter stitch scarf held double.  I tried fancier stitch patterns, but the homespun just seemed to work best in a simple stitch pattern.  It knit up fast and, hopefully, it will be soft and warm for it’s recipient.


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