An Olympic Decision

Edited to Add:  Part of me just wants to go ahead and do Helga.  It fits Chris and Kate’s suggestions of doing something that has a fair isle panel in it and doing a whole sweater in 16 days would be a huge challenge.  Is it too much?  Maybe the finishing of the afghan has made me think I’m invincible (just in knitting, of course).  Or maybe it’s my competitive spirit that makes me not want to wimp out and do a project that’s too easy.  I tend to be an ambitious knitter (my first project was an afghan), but is this too ambitious?  Read below and tell me which project I should take on!  Thanks!


Yeah, yeah, I promised pictures of the afghan.  It is finished, in my car, in the box, ready to go to my mom.  I’ll take pictures before I send it.  I tried some today in the house and they didn’t turn out well. Soon, very soon.  Until then, I’ve been obsessed with my olympic knitting project.  Thanks to those of you who left me ideas.  I have gone from completely fair isle vests, to a baby sweater with just a tad of colorwork, and have finally settled on something that I think is suitable.  It will be a challenge, because I have done very minimal colorwork in the past.  But, it will be a challenge that I think I can actually complete. I keep thinking it’s not challenging enough, but colorwork alone is going to be a challenge for me.  I think I’m going to make the Christmas Rose bag seen above from Handknit Holidays (thanks for the picture Jody!).  Except, in the bigger size, and it’s not going to be Christmasey because I’ll make it either in purple or pink.  I reserve the right to change my mind (as usual) if I decide this isn’t going to be challenging enough to live up to the Olympic Ideals.  Now, to find the yarn…


4 thoughts on “An Olympic Decision

  1. I think you can do either. You could always swatch a panel for both and see which you think would be more challenging yet not too challenging, plus swatching would make you feel more comfortable about taking on a fair isle project.

  2. I like Helga, but will you be able to wear that thing in Texas? If you just want to knit it for the challenge and then give it away, I’ll send you my measurements.
    I’m looking forward to seeing a picture of the afghan.
    Again, Texas….afghans?

  3. I think either one would be good. the Helga might push you, due to size and so many pieces to knit. The purse would be great to challenge you with the color work, but not be so big a knit. I am going to knit the Torino ski sweater, not for the knit along, just because I want to accomplish an adult sized Dale sweater in my lifetime, and what better time than now.

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