Marathon Knitting

After a weekend knitting marathon, I am THIS CLOSE to finishing my Mom’s afghan.  You may note that my deadline to finish the afghan was January 15th.  That was, of course, before I realized that I hadn’t finished one of the squares.  I did finish the edging my the 15th and now I’m working on the completion of that square.  I would like to get it in the mail tomorrow.  I worked non-stop on it this weekend, thinking it wouldn’t be possible to finish it, but giving it my best try.  And, I finished it.  I am amazed!  I still have nothing to show for it, since I didn’t want to show it to you unfinished, so I promise a picture filled post with my afghan in all it’s glory tomorrow.

Since I have finished one marathon, I am embarking upon another knitting challenge.  The 2006 Knitting Olympics!  Yes, I’m a joiner, and I’m okay with that.  One of my New Year’s goals was to challenge myself with some Fair Isle Knitting, a first for me.  I thought there was no better venue in which to learn a new skill than when on a 16 day time schedule.  Yes, I’m a joiner AND I’m crazy.  But really, I figured I might as well make my many hours in front of the TV watching the olympics productive.  Now, I have to decide upon an item to knit.  I want to learn Fair Isle so I can knit Helga.  I refuse to spend the money to make this sweater without first refining my Fair Isle skills.  Since this is my first go at Fair Isle, and I want it to be a fairly inexpensive endeavor, I am thinking about making a Teddy Bear Sweater (a la Threadybear) or a baby sweater (since there are many babies on the horizon for my friends). 

This is where you come in.  Do you have a pattern that you would recommend to a newbie Fair Isle-ist?  Please help, my Gold Medal depends on it.  šŸ˜‰


8 thoughts on “Marathon Knitting

  1. I too love Helga, and am planning to take on the Fair Isle this year. I know the cardigan in SnB Nation is supposed to be good – I think it is called “First Fair Isle”… šŸ˜‰
    Good luck – I look forward to seeing your work! perhaps it will spur me on!

  2. I’m reconnecting with sewing, too. I’ve had a machine for several years, but I’m just getting into the last couple months. I won a “new” machine (a Singer from 79 or so) that I should have in a couple days. I can’t wait. Good luck with your sewing!

  3. Blow it out your Brass would have been so perfect! I made it for a girl on Craftster who played Tuba and Trombone. Maybe I’ll make her another just for the hell of it.

  4. Any sweater which uses a single band across the chest, or also bands on the sleeves and sweater bottom are good. You just don’t want a true Fair Isle which is nothing but bands of color, row after row. The ones with just a few bands are more Norwegian than Fair Isle. Dale of Norway is a great source and very good patterns and charts. Wendy J did a Baby Norgi in Knitty.com a while back. Debbie Bliss is a good source for stranded colorwork. Enjoy!

  5. Great news on the afghan!!
    I’m considering being joiner too…
    I’ll actually be HOME for those dates — BUT – it’s also dating season in NYC…
    hmmm…knit, date…
    I’ll have to see if any of the stash yells at me when I get home.

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