A is for…



Aran.  Cables still amaze me.  The way that just changing the order of the stitches you are knitting can create these incredible patterns is pretty astounding.  I was scared of cables for the longest time, but working on my mom’s Great American Aran Afghan has helped me challenge and improve my cabling ability.   These two squares are patterns from the afghan that scared me at first but turned out exactly as the pattern had promised.  My biggest cabling lesson – take it one row at a time.

My photography abilities could use some work, which is one reason I joined this ABC-along.  Hopefully I can see improvement over the span of the year.  However, my main reason for joining the ABC-along was to help me open my eyes to different things based on the letter of the alphabet we’re on and to help me share different things on my blog than I might ordinarily.  If you want to follow the progress of this blog phenomenon, check out the ring links on the right of my blog.


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