Sewing 101


I’m cheating on knitting.  Just a little bit.  See, I want to be able to line my felted bags, which means learning to sew.  That’s one of my motivations, anyway.  The husband bought me this machine, book, and another book called Sew Fast, Sew Easy for Christmas.  I went to the store and bought all of the accessory items I need, like good scissors, with the gift card my aunt gave me for Christmas and I was off and running.

My first project was a small fleece pillow, pictured left, followed by hemming the curtains on the right and making pillows out of the excess fabric.

Pillows Curtains

These all live in the husband’s office.  I had been promising for a while to hem his curtains with some iron hem tape, but hadn’t followed through.  Every time he would see the hem tape, he would say "this signifies a broken promise" with a sly smile to make me feel bad.  Finally, I got it done and I’m glad I waited to be able to sew them.

Now, I’m working on a Valentine’s tote bag using a pattern out of the Sew Fast, Sew Easy book. 


This is the pocket, which I made with the fabric pattern upside down.  I could tell you that that’s so I could see it right side up when I look in the bag, but really it was just by accident.  Please also disregard the fact that it’s a bit crooked.  I’m learning!


Hancock Fabrics had Simplicity patterns on sale for $1.99, so I stocked up.  While all of these patterns say they are "easy", I’ll probably start out with some simple work out pants, which I’m in desperate need of right now.  It will likely take me quite some time to develop the skills needed to make some of these items, but at least I’m stocked up!  For now, I’m sticking to tote bags and making some lining for some felted bags. 


8 thoughts on “Sewing 101

  1. I picked up that same pattern, the one for the bags & electronics accessories. πŸ™‚ I also almost got the same PJs one, but opted for a pattern that was unisex and had kids’ sizes in it too. The Hancock near me is going out of business, so they have everything 50% off in the store. It’s really picked through though. But I picked up 5 patterns and some fabric to make Em some PJ pants.

  2. The pillows are great. I am trying to sew more. I’ve got one more row of a border and my quilt is done. I just don’t love sewing like knitting.
    Love the pj bottom pattern. Hmmm… that’s something I think I could do.

  3. Looks like you have a good start on the sewing! Your FOS all look great. And a crooked tote bag is perfect–once you put a few things inside I’m sure no one will notice. Good luck!

  4. I’m soo totally jealous! I have wanted a little sewing machine for the longest time!!! I’m thinking of taking sewing classes, but, actually, since I jsut busted out with the ice skating/ballet thing, maybe I oughta wait on that…. TOO MANY EXPENSIVE HOBBIES!

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