Return of the Blog

Yay!  Now that I am back at work, I have access to a co-worker’s camera, so I will have pictures again!  It’s so boring to blog without pictures for me, which has been much of the reason the blog posts have been so sparse.  As I’ve mentioned previously, my camera died a painful death in early December.  I never really realized how much we relied on our camera until we didn’t have it anymore.  A new one will definitely be on our list for purchase soon.

At any rate, I have a Christmas present to show you!  I only made one Christmas present this year, but it was for a very special recipient, my in-law’s poodle!  I told you about this miniature poodle hunting dog (seems like an oxymoron doesn’t it?).  Every hunter needs their camo, so this year Gabby got a camo sweater.


As you can tell, our model was a bit reluctant.


I decided a miniature poodle needs a feminine touch to her sweater, so she has a little flower on the collar.


And this is what it looks like when she watches for deer from the front porch.

When we put this on her, the first thing she did was run out and chase some deer.  It was hilarious.  She wore it all day and seemed to enjoy it.  I followed a free Bernat pattern from their website and used the Bernat Camoflauge yarn.  It was a fun and quick project, making for the perfect holiday knitting.  My mother-in-law is working on crocheting a sweater for T-Bone (our miniature schnauzer) now so there will be more doggie sweater pictures soon.

Goal status -8 squares remain to get an edging on mom’s afghan


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