New Year, New Goals

The vacation is coming to an end and a new year is just around the corner, making it a great time for new goals.  I looked back through my archives and the funny thing is that last year I refused to make a list and this year I am excited about making a list or two.  This might not make for the most exciting post, but it will be fun to look back on a year from now!

Immediate Knitting Goals

1.  Finish my mom’s afghan – I had orignally planned to finish this last January!  However, I ran into a big roadblock when the edging didn’t fit right and I shelved it for a little while.  I picked it back up this week and the new edging is half-finished.  I’m estimating that it will be on it’s way to my mom by January 15th.

2.  Thrummed Mittens – I have the yarn and I got a little roving happy at Maryland Sheep and Wool last May, so I’m going to make some thrummed mittens for my friend’s little girl who lives where it’s colder than our current 75 degrees.

3.  Branching Out Scarf – I’m over halfway finished with this scarf made with Phildar yarn I received from my Sock Pal (that I haven’t even been able to show you yet due to my lack of a camera).  I’m really enjoying the pattern which makes it go really fast.

Overall Knitting Goals

1.  Complete a Fair Isle Project – I have my eyes on a Rowan sweater that incorporates a Fair Isle pattern but I want to complete a small project before I invest in a larger one.  Maybe a teddy bear sweater (like the threadybear project) or a hat.

2.  Shop the stash first – I have discovered that I will not complete a project just because I feel obligated to use the yarn.  Therefore, when I see a project I want to complete, I will check the stash for available yarn.  If the yarn is not there and it’ s a project I want to complete, I will allow myself to buy it. 

Stay tuned for pictures of Gabby the Hunting Poodle.  Happy New Year! 


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