Hunting Dog

My father in law is a bow hunter.  They own a bit of property in the Texas HIll Country which is a prime deer hunting location, so he has a deer blind in his back yard.  Once he shoots a deer, he goes and gets his hunting dog to help track the deer.  The only catch is that his hunting dog is a girly miniature poodle!  So, for Christmas, Gabby the poodle is getting a hunting dog coat (pattern and picture here).  I just started it Monday night, and should finish it tonight.  It is knit in Camo yarn and will have a green pocket on the back that I hope to embroider with a pink G.  Hopefully, it will get a lot of laughs!

When I went to get the yarn for the hunting dog coat, I couldn’t resist this gadget!  It’s the first one on that page, the Knitting Bee!  Now I’ll pull out my little bee when it comes time to make a knitted cord for purse straps or anything else.  And, it came with a pom pom maker!  It cracks me up that I would pass by the same gadget in the past, but paint it yellow and black with cute little eyes and I’m all over it.


One thought on “Hunting Dog

  1. We are all about the cute, aren’t we! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    Can’t wait to see the hunting dog sweater! Think you can get a pic of the pooch in it?

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