Where have you been?

This whole thesis thing sure has been cramping my knitting style here lately.  Hopefully, I’m nearing the downhill stretch, but that’s hard to know for sure.  In case I haven’t mentioned it here, I’m researching communication between cancer survivors (in remission) and their oncologists.  It’s been a great topic, but the eligible participants are a little hard to find.  The questionnaire is available online, so hopefully that makes it more accessible to more people.

Now I’m off to knit, knit, knit on my Weasley so it will make it to it’s recipient on time.  So many deadlines, so little time!


5 thoughts on “Where have you been?

  1. Hey, great thesis topic. I am an 11 year survivor that fired my oncologist after three years. Little sawed off runt didn’t believe in telling any information.Just into patting your hand. Ick!
    good luck!

  2. Don’t ya hate it when life gets in the way of knitting? ha ha. Good luck on your thesis!! and you should post the link to your survey on your blog … I’ll bet a lot of people could send folks your way!

  3. Good luck with the thesis, Sarah! I have not been able to knit either… and it is sad! Best to you–the holidays are almost here! That is what I keep telling myself 😉
    Take care~

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