We Bee-lieve*


We now interrupt this semi-regular knitting blog for the baseball play-offs. One thing you may not know about me is that I love watching sports of all kinds, sometimes more than my husband does.  We have attended two of the Astros vs. Cardinals games (as seen below in our self-portrait), including the big one, you know, the one where we were one out away from winning and someone got a homerun.  Yeah, that one.  But, today is a new day!  I have faith that blogging will continue to be interrupted throughout the World Series because the ‘Stros will be playing the White Sox (please, let it be so).  Hopefully, tonight I will be relaxed enough to knit because the last few games have been so stressful, I haven’t even gotten any knitting done!  So, while you all were at Rhinebeck petting the yarns and hanging with the bloggers, I was witnessing baseball history, but I still missed you guys!!!  Keep the Rhinebeck reports coming!

Go ‘Stros!

*The Astros have been called the Killer B’s because they have lots of players who have last names that start with a B.  There were Bee costumes all over the stadium.  It reminded me of the "No Rain" video by Blind Melon. 


3 thoughts on “We Bee-lieve*

  1. While I’m happy for you that your Astros made it in, I have to admit, in my house we’re GO SOX all the way. Sorry. 😉
    Missed you at Rhinebeck!

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