I spent much of today at Reliant Park with the husband.  He works in environmental safety and has been taking care of biomedical waste there this weekend.  I went along to help because they have plenty of general volunteers right now and I wanted a way to help.  In the midst of taking care of our task, we walked through many crowds of evacuees.  I was most stricken by the uncertainty on their face.  Noone really knows what’s next and eventually the euphoria of having basic needs met is going to wear off. 

I will tell you that the place is being kept as safe as possible.  They have State Troopers patrolling the parking lot and around ten policemen at every entrance to the dome.  We didn’t go in the actual Astrodome, but I was able to look in from the outside.  I did get to see behind the scenes of the hospital they have set up.  Their pharmacy set up is amazing.  I can’t imagine that there is any prescription that they don’t have there. 

The whole thing is just surreal.  I never thought people would be living in the Astrodome.  It’s a little scary to try and understand what the future will hold for the people there, for the cities in which they are currently living, and for the city of New Orleans.  Please do whatever you can to help in the Hurricane effort.


One thought on “Uncertainty

  1. I can’t even truly fathom what you are seeing. It is pretty surreal. Sigh. We will continue to help. I am anxious for the kids to go back to school for their remarkable fundraising efforts! Let the bake sales begin. Seriously, they raise about $3K!

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