Productive Weekend

The husband was out of town this weekend, which left me here at home to be productive.  On top of a birthday celebration with friends (yesterday was my birthday and today is another friends, so we celebrated together) and completing a major part of my thesis, I got quite a bit of knitting done! 

First on the list is the project I asked for your feedback on last week, my Sockapaltwoza socks.  Were I making socks for me, I would have left them as is, but the big question mark in this situation is whether my sock pal would be okay with the pooling, as Chris pointed out.  I decided that the third time would be the charm and ripped it once more.  I had to swallow my pride a bit as I cast on for a very simple ribbed sock. 


I had thoughts of a unique stitch pattern originally, but that’s what resulted in the pooling, so I decided some yarns work better with simplicity.  I started over yesterday and I’m almost finished with the cuff on the first sock.  I am going to keep going on these socks to ensure I make the deadline.

The second project on the needles is the Cutaway Jacket.  I made it through the armhole shaping and am just working to make that section long enough to start the neck and shoulder shaping. 


Stockinette is fascinating, I know, but I’m excited to be close to finishing one piece and moving on to the sleeves of this jacket.  It will be a while before it is cool enough to wear, but I’m going to have it ready when the time comes.

Along with being productive this weekend, I’ve also been watching the hurricane coverage.  It blows me away that last year around this time Anne Marie, Carrie and I were trying to get into the Superdome in New Orleans for American Idol auditions.  This year, people are trying to get into the Superdome to gain protection from an insanely strong hurricane.  Thoughts and prayers to those who are being impacted by Hurricane Katrina.


9 thoughts on “Productive Weekend

  1. Happy birthday!!!!!
    I didn’t know you were a fellow Virgo, and so close to my b-day (Aug. 31st).
    And you gotta love those productive weekends when the hubby is out of town – no excuses need to be made, you can just sit and knit! All day! Hooray!

  2. Such a nice colour for your socks. I can’t believe that you are knitting a third just because of some pooling. Would definitely not have been necessary – if they are for me šŸ˜‰ However, they look lovely and I think your sock pal is a happy one.

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