Stockinette and the Stash


Here’s my progress so far on the Cutaway Jacket.  You gotta love boring stockinette for the blog fodder, but it’s actually kind of nice right now.  I’m less than 3 inches from the working the armholes and I just started it on Sunday.  Since it’s a DK sweater, I’m happy about my progress.  I’m feeling the need to organize this morning and as I was shopping for yarn online, I realized that I am not currently knitting anything from stash yarn and it’s been a while since I’ve done so.  Therefore, I’m going to list yarn I have and some ideas for it.  This is where you come in.  If I have yarn but no idea, I’d love to hear your ideas!

1.  Brightly colored Microspun – Baby blankets and other baby items.  There are lots of babies poppin’ up around here.

2.  All Seasons Cotton (10 balls) – Trellis for sure.  But that’s going to leave me with like 6 balls leftover, any ideas?

3.  Karabella Zodiac – To be used for a cabled vest shell…I can’t find what magazine it was from now so I might need a plan b.

4. Calmer (two different colors, 4 balls total) – I’m thinking maybe I could make a one skein wonder out of two of these balls and then use the other two for hat(s) like Shedir from the Knitty Breast Cancer Awareness issue.

5.  Brooks Farm Duet (one skein) – Purchased to make a shawl of some sort for my mother in law.  Now I just need to find a pattern.

6.  Lots of sock yarn – I need to finish my Sockapal2za socks, first, but then I’m planning to keep some socks on the needles at all times.

Then there are some projects that I want to buy yarn for…

1.  Hopeful – I have the pattern and tried to work it with all seasons cotton, but it just wasn’t working up the way I wanted it to.  My LYS is having a sale this weekend, so I’m thinking maybe I can get some RYC Cashsoft or one of Debbie Bliss’ cashmere blends. 

2.  Something for the Weasley knitalong…Can’t talk about it here so my updates will be over there.

3.  Helga – Now this one would be a splurge for sure, but I’ve been admiring this sweater since the magazine came out. 

Whew, I’m off to learn to knit faster!  I’m setting a goal to at least have one stash project on the needles once I get one of my current projects off the needles. At least now I have a plan!


4 thoughts on “Stockinette and the Stash

  1. I’ve just joined the Six Sox Knitalong. As soon as I get my yarn in the mail I’ll get going on the Amble socks. Everyone in the group knits the same socks over a two-month period, and then we all move on to the next pattern. I’m looking forward to having some new socks to wear this winter!

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