Opinions, everybody’s got one

Calling all people with opinions (psst that would be you)!  I need advice concerning my Sockapaltwoza sock in progress.  I have started and re-started this thing like three times.  Originally, I wanted to do the "go with the flow" pattern from Interweave but the lace pattern just really didn’t work with this yarn.  I did really like the ribbing at the top of that pattern, however, so I decided to do that for the whole leg of the sock and just do the foot of the sock in stockinette. Here’s my problem…

Sockpaltwoza_purple Sockpaltwoza_pink

First of all, I’d like to point out that I’m using my arm to model because my feet and ankles are bigger than my pal’s (but as Jenny pointed out, it’s not that mine are that big, it’s that hers are that small, right?).  Anyway, the first picture I really like, with a nice balance of purple, but then I move the sock around a bit for the second picture, and it’s all pink…hardly any purple to be found.  This brings me to your opinion.  A special handmade sock quality or a sock that must be ripped due to a color imbalance?  If it’s the latter, how do I prevent this next time around?  Any advice will be appreciated.

Oh, and I’m going out of town tomorrow until the weekend, so forgive me if I don’t get back to you about your opinion until then!


5 thoughts on “Opinions, everybody’s got one

  1. You can always rip out and cast on with fewer or more stitches, but who knows what that will bring. It could also be that the stitch pattern you have choosen is eating up the yarn, or not, at a rate that will produce this effect. I say, doens’t bother me, but who knows about the sock pal.

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