Venting – or griping about stupid mistakes

Mistake #1 – The edging I made for the afghan is too long, on each side, and it has short row corners so it’s not like I can just fix it as I sew it on.  I didn’t realize this until I had sewn on two of the sides and the way I had to sew it to make it fit made it ripple.  This project has taken too long to be finished sloppily.

Mistake #2 – When removing aforementioned edging from the two sides of the blanket, I got out the scissors.  We all know that with the exception of steeking, scissors around the knitted piece spell disaster.  I cut a piece of the blanket.  Then, I cut another piece.  A total of like 4 pieces cut.  I tried to fix it once and it looked awful, but now I think I understand how it should be fixed.

I’m writing this to make me a little less angry.  I am reminding myself that I selected this project to challenge myself.  I love this blanket, it is beautiful, even if the dyelots are different, that makes it unique, right?  So now, I just have to persevere and finish it.  The perseverence part will be the most impressive part to it’s recipient (my mom) because she completely understands my lack of patience, even if it’s not the most spectacular knitted piece she’s ever seen. 

Whew.  I feel better now.  It’s just annoying when you think you’re so close, only to realize that you’re not.  I think the easiest thing is going to be to chuck the miles of border I knit already and do an attached border.  I should have done this to begin with.  It may be different from the pattern, but it will look much better than what I have now.  If anyone else has other ideas, I’m completely open to them.  To avoid any other potential disasters (and because it’s too big to travel with), I’m laying it down as I leave here to go to the beach in Florida until Monday night.  Here’s hoping for a nice sunny beach, fluffy beach towels, and good fruity umbrella type drinks to distract me from what’s waiting upon my return.


3 thoughts on “Venting – or griping about stupid mistakes

  1. Oh, Sarah B!!!! What a sad tale. How very frustrating.
    But, I believe you can fix it. You have worked long and hard, and it will be worth it. Best to take a rest from it, like you said. Have a good trip. 😉

  2. I know how you feel and I think you have the right attitude about it. As Margene always says, it’s the process, and you have to find a way to make the process work for you. Some distance (and umbrella drinks) will surely make it better.
    Have a great trip and DON’T think about it. Do you have a little project you can complete while you’re away? You know, to get you back in the groove?

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