The Great Escape, Part Two


Just thought I’d start today’s post off with proof that I took my knitting.  Here’s Jason’s second sock lounging on the rocking chair on the porch of our cottage.  I finished it while we were there, but that’s a story for another day.  I still have to post about the rest of the trip!  Click below for more pictures, including some especially for Anne Marie and Cara.

***Edited to Add – I got an awesome package from my secret pal today, I’ll share details later, but I just had to tell you, now back to the story***

Day Two started off bright and early with breakfast served in our cottage by the cottage owners.  We should have set an alarm because we were still asleep and I was still in bed when they set it all up on our table.  It was amazing, though, including eggs scrambled with cream cheese and zuchinni hashbrowns with zuchinni from the garden.  That doesn’t even include the chocolate lava cake, but I digress.  After breakfast, we went to the Wildseed Farms where we saw wildflowers, roamed through the outdoor market, and took a picture of one of the flowers outside, which made me think of Cara.  She would have been able to take some spectacular pictures here!




When we were wondering the indoor market, we came upon a pile of placemats with a cat laying on them.  He was so still that we couldn’t tell he was real at first, but he was.  We were told by one of the employees that he’s more photographed than the wildflowers, so of course I couldn’t resist.


Then we ventured to the vineyards.  We spent the rest of the morning tasting wines and checking out where they get their start.  We felt a little weird drinking wine before noon, but they open at 10 a.m. and we had plenty to fill our day, so we had to get an early start.  This is the outside of one of the vineyards, complete with grapes growing on the pergola outside.


Then, it was lunchtime.  We returned to main street for lunch at a basement restaurant and shopping in all of the little stores.  Along the way we saw a coi pond and a neat museum.



We hung around Main Street most of the afternoon, then returned to the cottage for a nap and enjoyed dinner at the local brewery.  Jason tried several of their house brews and we split a big appetizer before going back to the room and watching a movie. 

The next morning we enjoyed a few more things before heading home.  Anne Marie taught me the value of food pictures on the American Idol trip to New Orleans with Carrie.  Anne Marie, these are for you.  This is a picture of our breakfast the second morning.  A southwestern quiche with fresh pico de gallo, avocado, poached pear, orange juice with a cranberry star, and coffee.  Not pictured is a crossaint with jalapeno jelly or pecan honey spread.  It was very good!


Before leaving town, we stopped by Chocolat and bought a few little things.  Toffee bar and peanut butter cups.  I thought they were spectacular, but Jason was neutral.  He’s not as big of a chocolate fan as I am.


Did you think I left without going to a yarn shop?  Oh ye of little faith!  I went by Stonehill Spinning on the way out of town, isn’t it cute?  They had some great stuff, but I showed self-restraint and didn’t purchase anything.  See the sheep hanging off the lefthand side?  I loved that!


Whew!  That was a long post!  Next up, knitting content and home makeovers!


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