The Great Escape


I pulled it off!  The husband had no idea that we were going on a little adventure when we left church last Sunday.  I gave him a card that explained there was a surprise and he thought we were going out to eat somewhere.  Little did he know the trip that was before us.  He didn’t figure out the clues until we were almost halfway there.  We got there that afternoon and got checked in to our bed and breakfast.  There are three little cottages secluded behind a big wall of shrubs, complete with rocking chairs and a full kitchen in each one.  The owners were great and recommended a restaurant to go to before watching the bats come out. 

This is where the very picture heavy post begins, so if you’d like to see what we did on the first day, click below!

First stop, a little restaurant on the top of the hill above the bat viewing location.  It took around 15 minutes to get out there, but it was a beautiful drive on a little country road.  Being a girl from the country who lives in the city, I have a complete appreciation for country roads.   After dinner, we watched a group of goats and sheep eating theirs outside the restaurant.  Here was one of the little guys.


Then, we got our spot in the amphitheater they have set up to watch the bats.  We took the cheap way out and didn’t pay to sit closer, we might pay the $5 next time.  Even without the bats, the view was spectacular. 



Then, as it got dark, the bats started flying out.  They live in an old railroad tunnel by day and then go out to get food at night.  There are two different kinds of bats that live there and, at the height of the season (usually in August), there can be around 3 million of them, or so we were told.  I tried to bleach this picture out so you could get an idea of how many there were.  Those little brown specks in the bottom right hand side of the pictures are the bats.


I’m going to save the rest of the pictures for tomorrow, so I don’t overwhelm the blog with pictures.  Tomorrow is the end of the vacation.  We’ve been off all week, vacationing and doing home improvements.  In some ways, I’m excited.  It will be nice to get back on schedule and I’m returning rejuvenated.  Plus, I have another mini-vacation to look forward to next weekend, which makes going back to work a bit easier.  More vacation and actual knitting pictures soon!


3 thoughts on “The Great Escape

  1. Glad you had a great time. We ended up in Hilton Head at the last minute. It was a great, relaxing mini vacation. Now to gear up for the next 4 weekends which will be crazy! And then the girls start school on August 10th, crazy Indiana schedule.

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