I wish I could express to you just how long it is taking me to knit the miles of edging for my mom’s afghan.  I’m almost finished with the third side, which means I’m about 3/4 of the way there!


Please disregard the slightly yellow portion in the top left.  There’s a slight dyelot issue (which isn’t nearly as obvious in person) that I think will be okay once it’s on the blanket.  Who knew you should buy all your yarn for a project at once.  I sure didn’t, at least not when I started buying yarn for this project.

Oh, and since I had to take some new pictures for a work related thing anyway, I thought I’d share the face shot of the new haircut.


Not the greatest quality, but you get the point.  The wind was doing some funny things to it, but I am still liking it.  Well, this weekend is going to be busy, as usual.  My dad is coming to visit so tonight I’m trying to get the house clean so that tommorow I can go grocery shopping before he gets here.  It’s kinda fun to have people come visit, though, so you can show them around and all.  Then, after this weekend, it’s just one more week until VACATION!  Yay!  Now, back to the miles of edging.


4 thoughts on “Miles

  1. All the work on the afghan will be appreciated so it all will be worth it, huh? 🙂
    Did you get my email from earlier in the week?

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