New and Improved

Yesterday, I had a really bad hair day.  It looked bad so I decided to pull it back and couldn’t even get that to work right.  So, I made an appointment first thing to get my haircut.  The front view pictures didn’t turn out right, but here’s a view from the side.


Another new acquisition is a stash enhancement that I picked up from my LYS on Friday.  I like to support the LYS when I can because they are super friendly there.  This time they even had time to wind my Koigu into cute little balls for me.  Here’s the yarn for my Sockapaltwoza socks.  Now to decide on a pattern…


In a major newsflash, I went to Hancock Fabrics this evening to stock up on some Cotton Ease and I walked out with nothing, even though there was still Cotton Ease to be had.  It was like I heard an alarm in my head saying, "please step away from the yarn." I think I may be going on my first ever yarn diet.  I just agreed to go on a girls’ trip the first weekend in August to West Palm Beach, Florida.  It’s going to be fun, but I’m having some buyer’s remorse and am hoping to make up for the money which will be spent on that trip by cutting down the extra purchases, including eating out and yarn.  Wow, this trip better be fun to make up for the sacrifice, but I know I have plenty of yarn to keep me busy in the meantime. 


11 thoughts on “New and Improved

  1. It looks great from the side. I too, got a hair do today, but it’s just the same old style. But I walked into the new local yarn shop with it wet and not styled as I was on my way to the salon. I forgot I was unstyled until I got back in the car. I bet they wondered what happened to me! I didn’t step away from the yarn today though.

  2. Cute haircut! And your hair looks so healthy.
    The Koigu you bought looks like the same colorway I’m making socks out of right now. I wound my own balls by hand, because I ordered it online and don’t have a ballwinder. The balls wound on a winder come out so nice.

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