Unruly Yarn

As I mentioned, ye ole’ yarn closet was cleaned out last week, both in anticipation of my mom’s visit and out of frustration because it was so disorganized! The books were throwing themselves off the shelves, the yarn was all mixed up and I couldn’t find half of my needles. Here’s the before…


And, thanks largely to the magic of Ziploc freezer bags, the after…


I feel much better, except for the fact that sorting your yarn makes it oh-so-evident how much you have. I knit away this weekend on my mom’s afghan. I am more than halfway finished with the cable that goes around the whole thing and all the squares are finished. But, I ran out of yarn, so I trip to the yarn store is order to finish this booger. I’ve already thrown all hopes of the same dyelot out the window, since it’s already made with two different dyelots. I’m just hoping I can find the right color yarn. I’m trying to have a one-track mind on this project because I’m so close to the finish line. Wish me luck!


6 thoughts on “Unruly Yarn

  1. Best wishes with finishing that blanket…I am in the same boat and I imagine the satisfaction, when it’s done, will be hugely great )

  2. Awesome job! It may be a little humbling, but isn’t it nice to see what all you have? Is there any yarn that you just rediscovered (as in you’d forgotten that you bought it)?

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