Busy, busy

This is one of those weeks where I don’t know if I’m coming or going!  I went out of town for work, got back and then this afternoon I pick up my mom from the airport and tommorow we go out of town for a wedding.  It’s crazy! 

I have gotten some knitting related tasks completed.  I have finished all the squares for my mom’s afghan but have not finished the border so she will not likely get to take it home with her.  It should be finished by next week, so it will get to her before too long, and I won’t have that year long project hanging over my head anymore (yay!).  I enjoyed working on most of it, but the final stretch was a killer. 

Last night, I cleaned out my knitting closet.  Holy moly do I have a lot of yarn.  I documented the process, so a future post will show you the before and after shots.  Now all the yarn is in neat little ziploc bags just waiting to be knit up.  My finishing/frogging bin is overloaded, so it will need to be addressed soon. 

This afternoon the dog gets groomed, I pick my mom up from the airport and we’re going for Mexican food!  Luckily the family festivities end on Saturday, so we’ll have Sunday and Monday to recover.  More soon!


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