Super Secret Package Alert

I arrived home and immediately noticed a rather large box in my doorway.  I hadn’t heard my husband mention any recent online purchases, so I had a hunch it was from my secret pal.  Today was spent unpacking boxes of junk (only some of which were mine) in my new office.  Not the most fun I’ve had in a day of work, so the package came at the perfect time.  I made a ritual out of it and waited to open it until I got all settled on my couch. 

Whoever has my secret pal as the person you’re gifting to, you better do a dang good job because she’s amazing!  I would tell you who she was so you could give her a little extra, but I can’t because I don’t know her identity.  That whole secret thing will get you every time.

The incredible thing about my package was not only the presents, but the presentation.  When I opened it up, it overflowed with tissue paper.  I slowly and methodically pulled out each piece to get to the goodies inside.  Each little present was individually wrapped with flowers attached.


I opened it up to reveal the stash enhancements.


I scored two balls of Calmer (I have so many ideas as to what this will become, I just need to settle on one, but this will likely be used as soon as I finish Clapotis. I’m exercising mad self-restraint here), which are of course beautiful and in a great shade of blue!  There are also some really pretty pearly stitch markers and the Spring Issue of Interweave.  I love the cable eight top and the cabled socks that are in this issue.  To top it all off, my secret pal enclosed a cute little note that matched the tissue paper to bring it all together. As you can see, I’m very lucky to have a great secret pal…thanks to you, whoever you are!


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