Off to the North

Well, I’m off to Michigan!  Most of the time will be spent in a conference, but I am going to find a bit of time for fun, as well.  There will be time to shop in Grand Rapids on Friday and on Saturday, I’ll have a good chunk of free time.  I’m going to use that time to make a quick run by Threadbear (Rob and Matt won’t be there, so I’m just in it for the yarn).  I’m not allowing myself too much time there, so I don’t do too much damage to my pocketbook.  I’m also going to go to a Detroit suburb to see an old college friend.  I don’t think I’ve seen him since my wedding three years ago, so it’s been far too long!

"What’s in my knitting bag?", you ask.  Well, I decided to take along the last square for my mom’s afghan (mom, I think you’ll get it by Becky’s wedding! Only 6 months late) and the yarn and pattern for the Vogue knitting tank for me.  I’m not allowing myself to work on the tank until I finish the square.  Clapotis will remain here, hanging out in the pile of yarn on the floor. 


6 thoughts on “Off to the North

  1. Have a great time in Michigan, and a good time with your college friend–I just love seeing my friends from that time in my life! 🙂

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