Spontaneous Combustion


As I mentioned before, I was at a conference on Saturday. I worked as an exhibitor and it was fairly slow, which meant a whole lot of knitting time. Clapotis moved along at a rapid pace. It’s so great to finally see progress on it. The first picture I showed you is all I had completed at the time. Now, you can see how much longer it has grown. I probably have about 6 more inches to go. I’m not exactly following the pattern because I added more stitches to it since I was knitting it at such a small gauge. So, my question to all the other Clapotis knitters out there is, did it get longer once you started the decrease rows or do I need to make it as long as I want it (on the long end) and then start the decrease rows to even it all out? Which leads me to the spontaneous combustion portion of our post. My ball of yarn for Clapotis has spontaneously combusted. It was once a nice neat little ball and now, it’s this.


This means that I can’t move Clapotis from it’s current location for fear of tangling the yarn more than it’s going to become already. I can’t find the end so I’m just knitting from what I have until that becomes impossible. I’m leaving on a trip for work tommorow, so I’m going to have to start another project to keep me busy. Decisions, decisions. The projects I have on my slate are one more square for my mom’s afghan, a cabled tank from the most recent Vogue, a one-skein wonder from Glampyre and socks for the husband. Now to figure out which one (or two) I should take with me. I may take the two quickest projects and one bigger project. After all, I’m going to be gone until Saturday and I’d hate to run out of knitting options!


6 thoughts on “Spontaneous Combustion

  1. Girlie I have missed ya and I finally am catching up on your blog! I’ve been so behind.
    I LOVE conference knitting. I knit through all my medical conferences. Otherwise I’d fall asleep. I remember so much more when I listen intently and knit. šŸ˜‰

  2. Having just finished my Clap – I’d say it gets a little bit longer with the decreases, but not that much longer. Helpful, no? I would knit it to about how long you want it, but know that it will get a bit longer. I had this same question and wasn’t able to answer it completely either.
    It looks great – it’ll be done in no time!

  3. Oh that little pile of yarn is a sad sight – since I know how hard it was to get it neat in the first place! Good luck getting it all straightened out!

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