Have you ever heard the phrase "it’s like a car wreck, you can’t stop looking at it"? Well, I’m in that situation right now and I can’t keep my eyes off the front porch. You see, there is a rat taking his last breaths on my front walkway! Long tail and all! He wasn’t there when I came home today and then I went out to turn the water that was watering my front lawn off, and there he was.

At first, I freaked out, like he was inside the house. We live in a new neighborhood that is continuing to clear fields in the area, so it’s not surprising that there is a rat in the neighborhood, but I am glad he’s not inside the house. My second reaction was to rescue him, I mean I can’t just let him die out there, can I? But really, am I going to scoop him up and run him to a vet? They would likely just tell me that the rat is poisoned and is going to die. Not to mention the fact that they would think I’m crazy for going to the trouble to rescue a rat. And, if he survived, do I really want a pet rat? No. So, I’m trying to ignore him. If I don’t see him, he’s not real. Denial. It’s not working. He’s all I can think about. It doesn’t make it any better that my dog, T-Bone, is barking at the him through the front window. What would you do?

For now, I’m going to continue my denial strategy and try to take my mind off him with my knitting. Then, I’m going to be a girly girl and wait for my husband to come home and take care of it. I could take a picture, but nobody wants to see that. In an effort to get that visual out of my mind, here’s a happy animal picture.



10 thoughts on “Rubbernecking

  1. EW! I hate the fact that I often find killer insects gasping for their last breaths (if I’m lucky) outside my door, but it’s definitely better than a rat. Good luck ignorning that!!

  2. Have Hubby scoop him up with a shovel and take him back to the woods, or soemthing similar. RATS carry diease and other funky things. DO NOT TOUCH HIM/HER!!!!! More then likely he ate rat poison. STEP AWAY FROM THE RAT and don’t let T-Bone near him, the rat poison could be transferable. (that word does not look spelled right) Good luck!!

  3. What is even funnier than wanting to save him, is that it might be the poison yall put out that killed him. lol That just struck me as funny, no idea why.

  4. Ha, your mom’s comment is cute! I personally would make Jason scoop him off the porch and chuck him in the woods to die. I would have screamed, rats scare me!

  5. ugh. a rat.
    I second that…good luck ignoring it!
    bleh. Mr. Clean that area where the rat died…ew. Better lemony fresh than the PLAGUE. 🙂
    have a good weekend sans rat.
    and rat, RIP.

  6. hmmm….. first ants and now a RAT,
    sounds like you are well on your way
    to the wonderful world of grownup
    Home dwellers!
    Second the *don’t let the dog anywhere NEAR*
    advice…and you MIGHT want to check with a
    local animal control person about the
    Proper Disposal methods…

  7. oh man, what a situation! i would probably call animal control. my husband had a “run-in” with a rat once at the skate park and they are not nice creatures. and they carry all kinds of disease and gross ticks and fleas and what not! anyways, to change the subject, thanks for your comments on my shrug! have you done one yet? they are fun and easy! mine took about 1/2 a skein of caron!

  8. I can tell you I would do exactly what you’re doing – wait for my BF to come home and take care of it. I am not equipped to handle a dying rat situation!

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