Handcrafted Mystery

The nice thing about having a dad who’s a packrat is receiving random surprises from the past every so often.  The most recent surprise was this…


It appears to be a crocheted baby blanket.  It definitely needs some TLC after spending years in a storage building, but it’s still in great shape.  The story behind it is a mystery to me.  Maybe my mom, who I’m assuming made this one, will be able to shed some light on it.  For now, I’m just excited that this handmade item made it back into my possession.  I hope to get it into good enough shape to be used with my kids someday. 

My current knitting world is not a mystery, just knitting away on my Clapotis.  I think I’m probably halfway through with it, but I would love to be farther along than that.  I will be working a conference this weekend which will involve lots of knitting time, so I hope to make some mad progress.


3 thoughts on “Handcrafted Mystery

  1. Wow, you can knit at the conference? Lucky you 🙂
    Very pretty blanket… after I started knitting (and really crafting in general) I had such a greater appreciation for the handmade gifts that I was given over the years.
    Take care, Sarah B 🙂

  2. That was probably a blanket I made when I was just learning. Looks very basic. Looks like it needs a border, though. As far as remembering if that was used with you or Lissa, I really dont know. I dont remember either of you getting hand made blankets so I do think I made it. I did make your Cabbage Patch dolls blankets and thinking that maybe that might have been what it was for. Wish your dad could find those crocheted doll carriers/beds that I made. I would love to have the directions for them, again.

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