Winding down

Another long weekend is winding down.  I can say that while it was uneventful, it was a good one.  We ran some errands, hung out around the house, watched movies and I did some knitting while the husband played some video games.  Oh, and I worked on the thesis, so I earned my knitting time with some work.

Speaking of winding down, I spent a good portion of my weekend trying to finish my little beach bag.  I finished the knitting yesterday and promptly began the lining, after throwing the bag in the wash and sticking it over a box to block.  Here are all my pattern pieces laid out for the lining.


I haven’t quite finished sewing together the lining.  I seriously need to get a sewing machine.  If I thought I would use it more, I would get one in a heartbeat.  Maybe I just need to find a friend that has one I can borrow.  I have done the handles but haven’t sewn them on yet, either.  So, here’s my almost finished beach bag, with my rather large ivy for scale.


I’m tired of finishing, so tonight, it’s all about the knitting.  I’m going to try to fight the desire to start a new project and work on Clapotis.  It’s still fun to knit, once I pick it up, but it’s easy to leave sitting in my project bag. 


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