Just beachy!

Yesterday was one of those days that you don’t want to be at work.  My husband was home from work recovering from jet lag and I wanted to be with him.  Alas, I was not.  Since that was not an option, I indulged in a little fiber therapy during my lunch break. 


It’s the Cocktail Monkey bag from Knitty! No monkeys at this point, but I may change my mind and add them later. I decided to try to knit in the fringe with some Fun Fur rather than sewing it on after the fact as the pattern indicates. My primary reason for knitting this bag, other than the fact that it’s stinkin’ cute, is to practice sewing a lining for a bag. I’ve long wanted to make linings for my felted bags, but was too scared to attempt it. This pattern has great instructions for sewing a lining, which I hope will help me and my novice sewing skills out. The hemp was a total pain to knit with at first, but we’ve come to an understanding now (read: I’ve figured out how to work with it without cutting my fingers off). Soon all I’ll need is a day at the beach, complete with a cute little bag and a drink with a little umbrella in it!


6 thoughts on “Just beachy!

  1. How cute! Can’t wait to see how the bag turns out. I *really* want to make that one after I finish my WIP. ArchieMcPhee.com has other cocktail companions other than monkeys – maybe one of those would compliment the fun fur really well?

  2. Very cute bag! Maybe you could get some other type of charm or bead to put on there, other than the monkeys (although they are really cute!)

  3. Love the Cocktail Monkey bag – I just made the same bag and did knit it with the fun fur along the top which was definitely the right choice. After it was finished I did realize that the stockinette stitch curled at the top – so you might want to consider knitting the last few rows in garter stitch to keep from curling. One more tip (?) was that a dog biscuit or cereal type of box worked MUCHO better than trying to wrap all those plastic CD cases. Enjoy and this is my first comment to any Blog site..thanks

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