Singin’ it: Korean Karoke Style

Life feels pretty uneventful today, so I thought I’d visit a time that was very eventful…Korean Karoke. Many of the blogger folks that partook in Korean Karoke while at Sheep and Wool have already posted their take. Here’s a pictorial tour of the evening. When we got there, the first order of business was to order drinks. Here, Lara and Anne Marie are checkin’ out the menu. (more pics of the menu in Chelsea’s May 8th post)


According to an article that Crafty Snargle Sarah found about this Korean Karoke place, apparently the video that plays behind the words is just whatever the bartender wants to watch that night. Our night, it was a very violent soap opera type movie. There are few experiences like singing along to Manic Monday while a girl is flying her plane into the mountain or a guy has blood coming out of his mouth from a gun shot wound. Here’s a picture of the tv.


And then there was the singin’. Here’s Cheryl bustin’ out a tune…


Lara and Sarah had a bit of difficulty choosing a song to sing. They looked at that book forever!


Finally, a song was chosen and the girls broke it down to "Summer Nights".


In Korean Karoke, the idea is that you stay at your table while singing. We obviously didn’t abide by those cultural norms. Not only did we create our own stage, but Anne Marie went out for some audience participation.

Karoke_anne_marie Karoke_anne_marie_2

Carrieoke definitely lived up to her name with a very aerobic rendition of "Fame". She got us started right and kept us going strong through the night.


And a good time was had by all.


3 thoughts on “Singin’ it: Korean Karoke Style

  1. OMG I’ll never get tired of seeing pictures from that night! It was so much fun! I’m glad to know who selected those weird videos. Lordy that was weird.

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