You know you knit too much when*…

You see this picture on the front page of the Washington Post Express (which you get for free when you take the Metro in Washington DC) on Monday morning…


and you instantly assume that it is an article about Maryland Sheep & Wool.  Imagine my surprise when I turned to page 32 (yep, the page reference was a bit off) only to discover that the article is actually about cloning that "crosses animals and humans".  Wow, it appears that the world at large has not yet been educated about this gathering of knitters, spinners, bloggers, farmers and spectators that occurs in Maryland every year.  Who knew?

*in the spirit of the Yarn Harlot’s book, "At Knit’s End".


5 thoughts on “You know you knit too much when*…

  1. Cloning…hrm… Yeah, don’t know where MY mind was, but I was thinking of an entirely DIFFERENT type of intersection…(then again, I guess I wasn’t all THAT far off…)

  2. Wouldn’t it be cool is they would be looking into cross-cloning the sheep **among themselves, not humans** so that we would get the very best of wool? Like machine-washable, angora-mohair blends that are soft and don’t shed. I can see the yarn ads now: “all the crimp, none of the pilling! Buy your cloned mohair-merino today!”. Ok, maybe not.

  3. The Express had a knitting story in it not too long ago… and when Deb Stoller was in town for a book signing, they had an interview… but alas, no news on S&W. Cloning is definitely not as cool as S&W 🙂

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