Why is it that anytime I meet someone I admire or think is really cool who I’d really like to not act like a complete moron in front of, I am transformed into exactly that.  I just have to get this off my chest before I tell you about the amazingly fabulous weekend I had.  It’s a good news/bad news kinda thing.  I always take the bad news first.

Case in point #1 – Running into Katyknits

I met Katy from Katyknits on the hill by the main exhibition hall.  I had been hanging out near the Yarn Harlot and Carrie and I were heading to get some food.  There she was, sitting on the grass with a bag displaying her blog name.  I had to stop and meet her, so I did.  She was super nice, but was the first person that day that I just approached.  I got so flustered that I walked away without telling her what I wanted to tell her, about the new song "Gracie" by Ben Folds.  I walked back and found out that her Gracie doesn’t like the song, which is kinda like the fact that I didn’t like any of the Sarah songs when I was her age anyway.  I got all flustered about the whole thing.

Case in point #2 The Yarn Harlot Book Signing

Yarn_harlot_and_knitin_chick Yarn Harlot and Knitin Chick (in her incredible Mariah)

I sat on the grass in a little group and watched for a long time.  I hadn’t brought a book and didn’t know where to find one, but Natalie found out where and got me one.  In the meantime, I observed, which probably just made me more nervous.  As I mentioned before, we went to get food and came back.  Well, once the crowd thinned out, Stephanie turned back to us and said "What did you get?"  Being nervous and eating, I thought she was asking what we got to eat and while I thought that odd before I could stop my mouth from opening I said "Lamb burgers".  Right about that time I saw a girl sitting closer begin pulling purchases out of her bag.  Oh, yeah, she probably means the yarn not the food.  Hello genius.  Hopefully, I either made up for my stupidity in our subsequent conversation or she absolutely doesn’t remember me. 

Case in point #3 – Meeting Rachael at the gate

Rachael_at_gate Rachael and some of her purchases.Carrie_lala Carrie & Lala

As we were leaving for the day, Sarah went ahead of us a bit to check in with some of the other girls.  Just a few minutes later she comes rushing up to us and said "I found Rachael, come quick".  You see, my goal of the day was to meet Rachael and Lala.  I know it’s absurd, but I live in Texas and they live in California, so the likelihood of having another opportunity is slim.  I wanted to take off running but I semi-held it together (okay, maybe I skipped just a little).  She was sweet as I gushed and Lala was busy taking pictures as a crowd began to gather.  It felt like seeing an old friend and made my day at Sheep and Wool complete! 

Now that I’ve gotten through the embarassing moments, I’m going to go dig through my pictures to tell you about all the other moments.  Oh, and there were moments and situations aplenty.  To all I met and hung out with this weekend, it was fabulous!  I’m already counting down to next year!


11 thoughts on “Seriously…

  1. I was delighted to meet you and you made me feel kinda cool. 🙂 Which I totally am not! So double thanks. I hope I wasn’t obnoxious about the Gracie song. I have only heard it once so far and Gracie was throwing a fit. I have added you to my bloglines and I love your Birch!

  2. You SO did not make an idiot of yourself any of those times, because you are so cute and friendly and hilarious that everyone loves you!
    I have karaoke pics of you, la la la la la la la….

  3. Speaking as one who witnessed most of these encounters (although not katyknits, sadly), you were assuredly NOT a dork. So no worries!
    It was so, so, so much fun to hang out with you – thanks for staying and making it such a great time! Only 364 days until next Sheep & Wool.
    P.S. I have karaoke pictures too……….

  4. It was great to meet you and hang out with you this weekend. I *love* your Audrey and now am seriously considering taking the plunge and going for it. Hoping to see some of these karaoke pics…

  5. You are a doll, and you made me feel like a SUPERSTAR in front of my girl, so can run up to me absolutely anytime. I’m so glad I got to meet you, sweets! 🙂

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