We survived!

Thanks you guys for all of your music recommendations and encouraging words.  They definitely helped me make it through the ride!  I also learned a little trick on the hills, counting each pedal stroke really helped distract me from how much hill I had left to climb.  We had so much fun and I think I might have found another hobby.  Luckily, it’s very different from knitting so I think they can co-exist.  🙂  If you want to hear the whole story, you can check out our cycling blog at http://thebteam.typepad.com.  I’ll leave you with a picture of us in front of the state capitol at the finish line and the promise of resuming knitting content in my next post.



6 thoughts on “We survived!

  1. You are such a Studette! When you first started talking about doing this race, I wondered if you would keep at it because it was going to be such a commitment and take such dedication. So many people have good intentions, but never follow through. You, my dear, should be extremely proud of yourself! You worked very hard to meet this goal! I am proud of you!

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